Michael Cheval

 Michael Cheval is a Russian Artist, living in New Jersey now.  He specializes in" Absurdist" paintings, drawings and portraits. I first met Michael Cheval at an auction for art collectors. I immediately feel in love with his work, and knew that I would want to own one.

 Unfortunately for me, I got sick that evening and missed out, because all of the pieces I was interested in, SOLD!  I was pretty bummed. The next day I ran into him. He was so generous with his time. He offered me tips for my art journey, and answered all of my questions, about his career.  Less than a year later, I ran into him again at a gallery in my town. What are the odds? Again he was so generous with his time. He was painting this sweet piece of art and yet stopped to spend time talking to me.  Id love to spend five minutes in his head to see where the amazing ideas he comes up with, come from. Id say he is a fine artist, but with a twist! Visit his website, chevalfineart.com  and you will see his talent and imagination.

    I asked Mr. Cheval if I could interview him for my Blog. He immediately said yes. Here are just 3 of the questions I asked him.


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