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Lets talk about a Curator        Boris Douglas Garbe   This past year I had the honor of meeting a most curious man, the curator of the The Gallery at Mills Park in Orlando, Florida. At first he appears to be a mild mannered man, but once you get him going about the art on his walls, you see a whole different being. This man is Boris Douglas Garbe. His story alone is a story of strength and perseverance. Ill let him tell you more about that, but when it comes to art, he has an incredible passion for both the artwork and the artists. He is a giver, a helper, a cheerleader, and a believer.   Boris believes that artists and their work tell a story, and it is with such passion, he wants to tell that story. When someone enters the gallery, to view the art, he immediately gets up to greet them, introduce himself and then begins. This curator is a story teller and along with his animated personality he begins, even jumping on the furniture at times with excitement, as he tells the stor