Disparity in the Arts?  

Ok, so this past summer I decided to look into the whole topic pertaining to the disparity between men and women in the arts. This summer would be filled with art and art exploration. I am very aware that in the early years women were not permitted to to paint, which is why the museums are full of art painted by men. I wondered if that had changed much in these centuries. I started my journey for answers at NAWA and then met with the museum head at the Zimmeli Museum. What they both said was that change is happening, but happening slowly. I wondered if I would see this big change in my lifetime?

Did I mention that I could be like a dog with a bone when gathering information? I decided to find out if this was a universal problem. I boarded a flight and traveled extensively though Europe to check into this. What I found out, was that change seems to be happening quicker there, and that might have something to do with the fact that more and more of the big museums have women moving into positions of leadership.

With regards to Galleries,it was a pleasure to see that almost every gallery both in the U.S. and abroad exhibited men and women equally. With these facts, and the fact that there are now more women artists than men, I feel good reporting that change in Museums will be coming!


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