"Plague Over My City"


 The strongest most powerful city lost its energy, everything shut down and so many lives were lost. I was only beginning to realize the impact of the plague when I created this painting early into quarantine. New York City is close to my heart, having been born and raised there for so much of my life. I still spend summers hoping around the city, visiting the newest exhibitions and openings in some of the best galleries and museum in the world. Having had the opportunity to travel extensively I still come home to all that this city has to offer, and I'm always blown away.  How can it happen, that a flu could take down the world and my amazing city? When I saw how desolate the city was becoming, all I could see was a darkness that had fallen over it. The Raven, in this painting, is representative of the plague or darkness that hovered over this once powerful city. For me, the raven has always represented death, despair and evil. The evil that this virus has done around the world is mind blowing, and the despair that we are all feeling while the death toll continues to grow everyday, seemed to make the raven a fitting representation of the darkness over the city.

 I remain hopeful that in the near future that my city will once again be the powerful and beautiful city it has always been.  


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