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Art Exhibition,Why??               So last night I slept a tiny bit, now its 5:00am, woohoo!  This art exhibition is work, both physically and mentally!!! My lists have lists!  Who ever said it would be a good idea to host my own solo show probably never hosted a their own show. Does an artist ever feel really ready for this? So much doubt starts entering your head, but only for a moment because, hell if you have time now to second guess this big decision. It all started when a neighbor mentioned that she knew someone that knew someone, that has a space that I could show my art and that its free. Oh, did I mention its free! Music to an artists ears. Not much in this crazy art world if free! So against my better judgement I decided to go for it.  Now I find that I paint all night, make more lists in the mornings and try to get the word out about my event in the afternoons. Oh, did I mention that Im from that other generation, so Im pretty clueless with social media! And printing, Wh