Chelsea- Gallery Heaven

     The Chelsea area in NYC has become a mecca for Art Galleries, but what are those galleries doing for the artists on their walls, I wondered. I decided to take a walk along the west side and check it out.  Each Gallery had wonderful art on pretty walls. I enjoyed roaming from gallery to gallery, I saw some interesting art, but I couldn't tell you much about it. When I walked into each gallery, I was surprised how I was greeted, if greeted at all. Some just handed me a plastic covered booklet with the art names and some had pricing. Very unfortunately, thats all I got with regards to the art from all but 3 galleries, and I visited about 20. No one asked if I needed or wanted any info or help with questions. No one explained the art piece or offered me any extra information than was on that plastic covered booklet.I was disappointed! I kept thinking that if that was my art on those walls, how I'd feel if no one represented my work with my information or the story of the piece. Im not sure how they would know whether I had a large amount of money in my pocket, ready to buy any art. Either way, most never even acknowledged me at all.
     I was so mortified and disappointed that I started saying, on my way out the door,Thanks for all the info!! I really wanted to pull a Pretty Women and say, "Big Mistake"!!  Will galleries be a thing of the past? Has the internet stolen the Gallery experience?  I hope not!!


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