The Birth of Kristy Lee Art

Where did I Begin?

    It started way back in Kindergarten, when I discovered drawing. I remember seeing these matchbooks lying around that advertised an Art School.  Coming from two parents that smoked I had availability to matchbooks, that had “Draw the Pirate or Turtle.
For hours, I’d sit and draw until I had a masterpiece. But wait, did I mention that we were basically poor, or that I was one of five children? Oh, and did I mention that my Dad was an Alcoholic, that played a guitar in the local bars. Or that my Mom, when she wasn’t scraping together money and food for us, would spend her extra time chasing down the whereabouts of my Dad.

   So, when I handed my Mom my amazing drawings of the Pirate, I should have known that they wouldn’t get any further than the kitchen table or the trash can. Mom could never have spent extra money on an envelope, or stamp.  While knowing that we didn’t have extra money for such things. I always assumed that they went out though.  I never did hear back whether I was accepted into that art school they advertised. Years later, I did however find another outlet for my creativity, I became a hairdresser.
     Fast forward to the last fifteen years. My children are grown and moving forward in their own lives. Its my time! So, I talked my friend, who really had no interest in art, to sign up for that first class with me. Bam, Here I go!  It was full speed ahead from there. Did I mention that my friend lasted maybe 3 classes, But, I am so thankful for her getting me in the door and into my art future.

    Did I mention that I have had the support of a wonderful mentor in my life. Because of his support and encouragement, I have decided to move my art forward. Starting with donations to charities, through exhibitions and sales. I am working hard and feel that my time is now. So, wish me luck, cause here I come!


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