My Friend,My Mentor,My Angel


   A few years ago, I was introduced to the artist Paul Scarborough. We clicked immediately. Sometimes in life you meet an angel and don’t even know it. That is what Paul was for me. We would talk for hours on the phone, about our art. He encouraged, supported and guided me forward with my art career. He was a believer in my talent before I was.
   Paul was a generous man, always with a kind word to offer other artists that he met.
Paul himself was a terrific artist, always humble though. He started with watercolor landscapes before moving to very loose abstract expressionism. It is because of Paul that I moved from painting figures and portraits, to Abstract art myself. I had always had an interest in doing so.
   With Paul’s encouragement I decided to devote my summer to only painting large art. Large and loose. I moved from one style to another, always working on getting looser in my technique. I would check in and we would talk about what we were both working on, he was in Florida and I was in NJ. Often, I would send him photos of what I had finished. He was always my cheerleader, always encouraging me to get a little looser with each painting. At the end of the summer, I had painted nearly 40 new large pieces. I couldn’t wait to see Paul again at the end of the summer to show him my rolls of art, the special ones, that I saved to surprise him.  Paul never got to see them though, as he passed away before I got back.
   I could never have known how this artist would change my life in so many ways. I will miss him always. I know that this angel will be watching over me, and supporting me, to be the best of me that I could be. I will keep moving forward on my art journey, hoping to make us proud!



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