Harold Garde

Harold Garde,   American Abstract Expressionist Artist

This past summer I was given an incredible opportunity to interview the great Harold Garde, an American Abstract Impressionist painter. I had so many things that I wanted to ask this legend in the arts. I armed myself with a wealth of knowledge so I would be prepared. However, once I entered his home, all that went out the window. As he walked me around his home, all I could do was stare. He lives surrounded by his art, some on the walls, others on the floor, in the kitchen, the hallways, and even the bedroom. For me, this was like taking a child to a candy store. There was one masterpiece after another!  Then, it was time for our interview. I sat right next to this legend, and he allowed me to ask him anything. I soon realized that this 95 year old Master was a sharp as they come. He answered all of my questions in depth, talking about his younger years, up until today.  I must tell you that this senior is no slouch, he was as feisty as they come. I believe he even threw out a few salty words on occasion too! Amazingly, Harold still goes into his studio everyday and continues to produce and still shows at museums and galleries all over the country. This April 5th, Marla E, and Boris Garbe will host Harold Garde at The Gallery at Mills Park in Orlando, Florida.   I hope to see you there. Come meet this legend and view some his newest works of art.


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